Roman Living History Film and Television

Delivering on screen accuracy with all the flexibility demanded by modern production


From documentary to light entertainment projects, we are able to provide

experienced specialist knowledge

and an unrivalled collection of accurate period props and sets. Before the camera even starts rolling we are able to provide consultancy and clarity to ensure any project delivers on the rigours of accuracy demanded of modern filming techniques.

We are able to provide

fighters, fight co-ordinators, first aiders, historical consulants, props, wardrobe, weaponary, costumiers and prop masters

. We can supply both professional and amateur actors for extra work or speaking roles.  Our make for hire team can provide unusal or specific items including costume, sets and equipment.

High safety standards, comprehensive insurance and professionalism ensure we give you the most efficent use of your time prior to and during shooting.

Past work includes productions for Sky, BBC, Discovery Channel and Channel 4. More recently we have worked on productions for Yesterday, the History Channel and National Geographic.

For more information please contact David Richardson on 023 9236 9970 or 07951 095880

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