Roman Army

LegIIAvg represents the Roman army

from 43AD, the time of the

Roman invasion of Britain

, until the end of the 2nd century AD.

During that period there were circa 28


in the order of battle. Each


was structured as follows.

The smallest administrative unit was the

conturnium of 8 legionaires

. 10


made a

century of 80 legionaires

plus 1

centurion, 1 Optio and 1 standard bearer.

6 centurys formed a cohort of 480 legionaires, 6 centurions, 6 Optios and 6 standard bearers and 10


formed a legion. Cohorts 2 through to 10 inclusive had the structure described above however cohort 1, which was the senior


lead by the senior centurion known as the

Primus Pilus

, had a different structure.

The 1st cohort had only 5 centurys but each century was a double strength century of 160 legionaries.  This gave the 1st cohort a strength of  800 legionaries and 15 officers. Thus if we include the command element of a legion its strength is in excess of 5300 men.

In time of war a Roman army would have its

legions who would be supported by auxiliary units, artillery, medical staff and cavalry

to make a formidable field force.

Roman Army