Roman Centurion


A significant difference between the armies of Rome and her enemies was the discipline and order maintained within the ranks.  This was enforced by the officer ranks within the army and there is strong evidence to show that this discipline was brutally enforced.

An army would be command by a person of rank within

Roman society

. They would equate to a general in modern terms and might have command of serveral legions. Each legion would be commanded by a

Legatus Legionis

and under him would be 6 Tribunus Laticlavius, one to command each of the 6 cohorts of a legion.
The next level of command down from the

Tribunus Laticlavius is the Centurion and his assistant the Optio

. These two men in each century were the backbone order and discipline.  The were also standard bearers who held officer rank.


Leg II Avg we demonstrate the ranks of Centurion, Optio and standard bearer. At some shows if you are lucky you might even see a Legate or General


Legatus Legionis